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I made an 3.5 sketch of Sonic in a Sketch
it was a 5-7 minute sketch (not being cheap or lazy)
okay maybe lazy but its a sketch.
so I got to upload it accept it's a sketch with paper and pencil so I lost my USB Port!!!!!!
probably be up in a week when I find it :(

great news guys!
me and awesomepaul48 are make a new series!!! I'm writing the whole plot and ideas while Paul animates it!
the time it will come out is unknown but it will be EPIC


2010-08-26 19:39:05 by theamitlife

RAGE MODE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
School's starting again and the only bright part is meet my friends again and this year lockers which is weird because were starting lockers now so I guess thats okay :/
Also Madness Day 2010 is coming up so I'm pretty heated up until BOOM (HEADSHOT)
Schools back D:
Alright seeya guys later


Best Month?

2010-08-11 10:59:12 by theamitlife

The best of July came when I had a bad July.
I fell and injured my knee Which made me 10% crippled lol
Also I caught a cold :/ So I'm pretty beat up :(

Windows SUCK!!!

2010-07-30 13:30:14 by theamitlife

Heres my latest artwork!
It's been 2 months on newgrounds with only little progress :(
I'll just keep trying :)
People also been saying I stole one art piece but I'll make it clear

Windows SUCK!!!


2010-07-29 15:43:12 by theamitlife

Hey Guys!
I have started uploading art!
They haven't been rated but I got people replying to these post :)
Be sure to check out my artwork there decent :)
Heres my latest one :D
people said I stole it On the art page I said I edited the random stuff on
the pico P-bot and everyone else is by johnnyutah


Back Home :)

2010-07-26 18:45:36 by theamitlife

I'm back from India uploading art.
There will be flash shorts soon so stay up to date with that :D


2010-07-04 04:08:55 by theamitlife

I'm taking a break from flash and visiting my cousins in India :)
2 weeks till I start working again :)

Movie Release Late!

2010-06-21 21:52:10 by theamitlife

My first movie is done but I Don't know how to publish it.
I Know How to Publish it But I mean it's not coming through.
meh We'll see


2010-06-21 19:43:35 by theamitlife

Finally Summers here!
It'll be time for more art and maybe Music :)
Not me singing I stink :D